Virtual Experience Emerging Tech

May 2024 - UDESC

Welcome to the Full Sail University Virtual Experience
This week-long immersive series of interactive, activity-based workshops will allow you the opportunity to explore a variety of areas within the world of the emerging technologies.

During our VXP you will have the chance to understand some of the most up to date technologies and put them into practice by creating a product that is relevant to yourself and your career.


Agenda | MAY 20 - 23

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Learn more about the workshops

  • Welcome Session: In this session students will be presented to the full program of this experience, as well as what is expected from them to deliver in the course to be able to receive a certificate of competition of this experience.

  • Campus Tour: In this session participants will get to learn about Full Sail, its campus and expertise and understand the relationship the university has with the creative economy and the emerging technologies.

  • Networking: In this session we will talk about one of the pillars of a successful career: networking skills. Participants will understand how to work on their corporate relationships and get to know each other better.

  • AI & Machine Learning: In this session, students will learn the conceptual basics of machine learning and neural networks. Examples will showcase how these techniques are being used to create exciting developments in the greater artificial intelligence field.

  • Presentation Practices: In this session students will learn what it takes to create a minimum storytelling development to a business presentation, in preparation to the project and presentation they will need to deliver on the last day of the program.

  • Game UX: In this session participants will understand the important of designing a reliable experience to the users of digital games and how this is an essential step to guarantee the success of games in general.

  • Mobile Development: In this session, students will learn the conceptual basics of Mobile Development

  • Cybersecurity: Learn about the exciting world of Cybersecurity, the threats that exist, how companies protect themselves, and what you can do to help. We will discuss a few simple security steps you can take as an everyday user to protect your own personal accounts and information.

  • IoT Wearables: The Internet of Things and Wearables session will cover various ways in which we interact with technology beyond computers and mobile phones. We will cover basic concepts for creating applications for wearables and smart devices, as well as review IoT and how technology connects across the world and show off our Smart Lab here at Full Sail.

  • Wrap-up: In this session we will ask for feedback from the participants and show them how to download their certificate of completion.

Registration Process

This edition is exclusive for Full Sail University partners. You can only register if you are a student of one of the universities that were invited to participate in this program. Please register through this page and don't share the registration link with individuals that are not connected with your university.

Attendance and Certificates

An attendance list will be sent to your university by the end of this Virtual Experience. Your attendance can only be registered if you join the live sessions in Zoom using the same email address you used to register to this Virtual Experience.
A Letter of Recognition (Certificate of Participation) will be made available through our digital platform to participants and complete all tasks of the program, including presenting the final project. Participants that don't conclude all tasks won't be eligible for a Letter of Recognition (Certificate of Participation).

How to take this program

This program is meant to be taken live, not on demand. As a participant you need to participate in the live classes that will be offered through Zoom and complete all tasks suggested by instructors, including the final project.
When you register to this program you will receive an email with your login and password to our digital platform. The link to our live zoom sessions will be in our digital platform. There will be a whatsapp group created to support the participants of this Virtual Experience edition, the link for you to join this group is also in our digital platform.

*Please remember to use your name in the registration form as you would like to see written on your certificate

Should you have any question or need support from our team, please don't hesitate to message us at or whatsapp 11970869545.